We will promote your website in search engines and social networks!

SEO is a set of measures to improve the position of the website in search engines, and the main reason why it can not be ignored – CEO optimization attracts “ready buyers”, those who are looking on the web specifically your product or service.

For this type of promotion we do internal and external optimization of the website:

  • Analysis and selection of optimal keywords;
  • Increase and optimization of content (including selected keywords) for the best issuance in the search engines;
  • Creation of meta-environment;
  • Optimization of the images;
  • Correction of the website errors;
  • Registration of the website in directories of search engines;
  • Regional binding of the website in the search engines.

Depending on the current content of the website, the type of promoted product/service and the desired results, we are able to offer an expanded list of CEO services.

Promotion in social networks can be implemented by us both in conjunction with the CEO and as an independent service.

To do this we use the following tools:

  • create, customize and fill groups and pages in the social networks;
  • attract real users to the groups;
  • work with targeted advertising;
  • placement of advertising posts in the thematic groups;
  • creation of competitions, interviews and events to attract more audience

Whatever type of promotion you choose, we will make your investment as effective as possible!