High-quality printing of your materials. Color proofing, paper selection, and much more.

The prices for the most popular services. Calculation of the cost of other types of printing available on request. Designer’s work – $ 500 RD for one hour.

Printing (price for one sheet of letter size)

  • Paper bond (black/white) – 10 $RD
  • Paper bond (full color) – 20 $RD
  • Glossy paper (black/white) – 15 $RD
  • Glossy paper (full color) – 25 $RD
  • Cartonite (black/white) – 20 $RD
  • Cartonite (full color) – 30 $RD
  • Lamination – 25 $RD

Printing of brochures, flyers, etc.

1/4 letter600 $RD2,500 $RD4,800 $RD7,200 $RD8,000 $RD
1/3 letter780 $RD3,250 $RD5,400 $RD7,900 $RD9,400 $RD
1/2 letter1,140 $RD4,750 $RD6,200 $RD8,600 $RD11,500 $RD
Letter (8,5 * 11 inches)2,200 $RD7,000 $RD8,600 $RD11,500 $RD13,800 $RD
11 * 17 inches3,500 $RD9,000 $RD10,000 $RD18,000 $RD22,800 $RD
*Prices do not include ITBIS. Two-sided printing - additional 20%.

Business cards 2 * 3,5 inches

Full color300 $RD1,000 $RD
*Prices do not include ITBIS. Two-sided printing - additional 20%.

NCR Forms

SizeСopy20 blocks50 blocks100 blocks
1/4 letter12,500 $RD4,000 $RD7,900 $RD
23,240 $RD6,480 $RD10,320 $RD
1/3 letter12,900 $RD5,000 $RD10,200 $RD
23,600 $RD6,960 $RD11,200 $RD
1/2 letter13,960 $RD6,840 $RD12,000 $RD
25,160 $RD9,000 $RD15,600 $RD
Letter (8,5 * 11 inches)16,000 $RD11,400 $RD21,600 $RD
27,800 $RD16,800 $RD33,000 $RD
* Prices do not include ITBIS. Minimum order - 20 units. There are 50 sheets plus copies in each block.

The plotter printing on canvas, vinyl, photo paper, frosty and etc.

Design and printing of catalogs, menus, brochures and magazines.

The production of signs, letters and decorative elements (2D and 3D) of wood, acrylic and PVC, with and without lights.

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